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The country

The state is known as Muso Oa Lesotho in its national language. This means the Kingdom of Lesotho. The country is reigned by the Seeiso dynasty.


The current sovereign is Letsie III David Mohato Bereng Seeiso, King of Lesotho. He was born at the Scott Hospital at Morija, Lesotho, on 17 July 1963.

He is the son of King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho (1938-15 January 1996) and his wife Princess Tabita 'Masentle Lerotholi Mojela (1941-2003), who was known as Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso.

Letsie first became King of Lesotho on 12 November 1990, but abdicated in favour of his father on 25 January 1995. After the death of his father he was reinstalled as King on 7 February 1996.

The coronation took place at Maseru, Lesotho, on 31 October 1997.

The King's motto is Khotso, Pula, Nala which means Peace, Rain, Prosperity.

The King is a Roman Catholic.

Marriage and descendants

King Letsie III is married to Karabo Anna Mots'oeneng (born 1976) since 2000. She is known as Queen 'Masenate Mohato Seeiso.

The couple has two daughters, Princess Mary Senate Mohato Seeiso (born 2001) and Princess 'Maseeiso Mohato Seeiso (born 2004), as well as one son, Prince Lerotholi David Mohato Bereng Seeiso (born 18 April 2007).

Heir to the throne

No heir to the throne has officially been appointed as far as I know.


The College of Chiefs may at any time designate the person (or the persons, in order of prior right) who are entitled to succeed as a king after his death. So more than one person can be designated to be capable of succeeding the king. One of them has the first right to succeed.


Lesotho is entirely surrounded by South Africa, and is a member of the Commonwealth. Until 30 April 1965 Basutoland was a British protectorate. Then it became an autonomous kingdom. Moshoeshoe II, paramount chief of Basutoland, became the King. The country became an independent kingdom under the name of Lesotho on 4 October 1966.

Moshoeshoe II in February 1970 fled the country after a conflict with the prime minister, but could return on 5 December 1970, after having promised not to meddle with politics anymore in the future. In February 1990 he fled the country again after a conflict with another prime minister, who in 1986 had gained power after a military coup d'ιtat. In November 1990 his eldest son, Letsie III, succeeded as King.

The military dictatorship fell in 1993, and Lesotho became a democracy. King Letsie III however took all power in 1994. After protests he abdicated on 25 January 1995, in favour of his father.

King Moshoeshoe II died in a tragic car accident on 15 January 1996, and Letsie III again became king. Lesotho now is a constitutional monarchy.

The Kings of Lesotho

Moshoeshoe II (1938-1996) 1960/66-1990
Letsie III (1963- ) 1990-1995
Moshoeshoe II (1938-1996) 1995-1996
Letsie III (1963- ) 1996-

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