I have been collecting royal memorabilia since I was 6 years old. For years I clipped articles and pictures from magazines. In more recent years I have preferred buying books. I have works about all kinds of royal and noble families, from general books to biographies, history, jewellery and yearbooks ... Some of them are signed by royals or the authors. In the pictures you see most of my royal books. In addition, I have a small collection of royal magazines (Vorsten, Royalty, Majesty, European Royal History Journal, Royalty Digest Quarterly). I collect royal postcards and orders of service from royal and noble christenings, weddings, funerals and other occasions.

In the late 1980s I discovered genealogy. In the picture you can see a small part of my genealogical books. I keep genealogies of royal and noble families in ring binders.

Like lots of people I love the royal peppermint tins with Wilhelmina peppermint. Fortuin Dockum BV regularly issues new tins, in total over 30 now, and the older ones are now quite rare. I also have some other royal tins, glasses and cups, but because I lack the space, I don't really collect them.

1998- Netty Royal
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