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Beginning and changes

This website was launched on 26 October 1998 and has been redesigned two times since then. The latest design was published on 1 January 2014. Both redesigns were created by Anuschka, owner of, a site which is co-administratored by myself.

Special thanks

All my thanks to everybody who helped and in some cases still help me to create this page:

Ana, Anuschka, Arturo, Dag, Hein, Henri, Jacques, Jérôme, Kaija, Maria, Marie, Marlene, Stefan, Stig, Tibor, Toni, Trond, Verena, and all others.

Visitor statistics

500,000 visitors on 4 July 2003

1,000,000 visitors on 26 October 2004

1,500,000 visitors on 6 April 2006

2,000,000 visitors on 30 December 2007

2,500,000 visitors on 25 September 2009

3,000,000 visitors on 20 July 2011

3,562,207 visitors on 20 July 2014

Motigo Statistics suddenly stopped delivering information around 1 July 2014 and counted pretty irregularly afterwards. I have started using different statistics as of 20 July 2014.

Website mentioned in articles

THE TIMES (Online Special), 31 May 2000 - A pin-up among digital princes
There is a new star on the international Hello! circuit and his name if Frederik. Aged 32, Frederik André Henrik Christian, Prince of Denmark, is consistently voted Denmark's man of the year. He seems to have it all: good looks, an all action lifestyle, a former career as a soldier, brains, a caring nature, mean dancing skills and an adoring (unofficial) website ... [PDF file]

SWISS SONNTAGSZEITUNG, 26 June 2001 - Die ewig Gestrigen glauben wieder an Morgen
"Wenn man mit diesen Leuten zu tun gehabt hat, kann man einen Idiotenführer durch Europa schreiben", lästert Helmut-Maria Glogger, der Chefredakteur des Klatschmagazins "Glückspost". Unter Europas Monarchen hat er ein krasses Gefälle ausgemacht: hier die "Champions League" mit der britischen Queen an der Spitze, die dem Anspruch ... [PDF file]

HUMO, 6 November 2001 - Het Belgische Vorstenhuis: De Kroon Ontbloot
Buitenlandse vorstenhuizen hebben meestal een sobere maar toch wel mooie officiële site. Die van Groot-Brittannië is heel informatief, die van Spanje is zelfs een beetje jazzy - hoewel wij nooit goed begrepen hebben wat dat woord betekent, maar onze eigen monarch en zijn familie krijgen van de federale overheid een niemendal dat zelfs in het eerste ... [PDF file]

Website mentioned as "Best Site"

This website was choosen as on of the four winners of the webpoll among the favourite royal websites of the readers of Monarchy Magazine in December 2000.

This page was the "Site of the Day" at Angelfire on 23 April 2001.

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